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International Prinzhorn Holding

Global Recycling Day – 18 March

We use this opportunity to recall the benefits of sustainable usage of resources through recycling. In recent decades the pollution of the Earth from overproduction has reached a critical point.

Protecting the Earth and the resources it endows us with, should be our top priority. As we go about our busy lives, we don’t see what we leave for the generations to come. Besides of the rational consumption of paper, plastic and glass, that are the main packaging materials, we are all responsible to collect separately and promote recycling or reuse. The adoption of the European Directive on reducing the negative impact on the environment, entered in force on July 3, 2021, prohibits 8 types of disposable plastic. Demand for environmentally friendly packaging solutions is expected to increase.

Such an option is corrugated board and corrugated packaging. Such an option is exactly what makes corrugated board and corrugated packaging so useful and valuable. Made from recycled paper, the use of this type of packaging helps to reduce the waste and prevent environmental pollution. The paper can be recycled up to 7 times and is biodegradable. Choosing packaging from paper (corrugated), each user contributes to compliance with the goals and the transition of Europe towards a circular economy.