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85 renovated parking lots from the cooperation of the city and Dunapack Packaging Nyíregyháza

85, renovated parking lots await, those arriving at Dunapack’s factory in Nyíregyháza or the kindergarten next door. The freshly renovated company made a collaboration with the local government to make the environment more comfortable.

The street is the main location of one of the important industrial areas of the city, at one end of which Dunapack's factory in Nyíregyháza is located, next to a number of serious companies. 85 brand new parking spaces on 2215 square meters await all those arriving here.

The new parking lots are perfect for the kindergarten. The orderly conditions help those who attend the nearby kindergarten.

Example of a good partnership

“(...)  How good it is for the city to have such a good partner as Dunapack. It was a great cooperation: Dunapack contributed 26 million (Forint) and the city with 34 million (...) for a spatial planning and a major car park extension. Compared to the previous circumstances, this is a very different world.” – said Árpád Kósa, chief of the mayor’s cabinet.

Construction, which began in mid-May, was completed before the June 30 deadline. The parking lot has already been transferred and can be used.

The companies help for Nyíregyháza

“As I see it, now, even in an emergency, the companies have sided with the people of Nyíregyháza – these are often western European multinationals, and, of course, companies from Nyíregyháza. There, with a ventilator, and here, in a peace time, parking, both the business group and the municipality are trying to do something for Nyíregyháza”- said the chief of mayor’s cabinet.

The number of cars increasing

Árpád Kósa added that there is also a need for new, comfortable parking spaces, and not only in the city centre, since there has been a significant increase in new car sales in recent years.The chief of mayor’s cabinet said that this is yet another great example of cooperation between the municipality and the entrepreneurial sector for a common goal, from which, for example, those arriving at a kindergarten will benefit, and are confident that others will follow.