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Donation to the area affected by the earthquake

Sympathizing with the residents in Sisak-Moslavina County (one-hour drive from the depot in Croatia), who were hit by an earthquake of 6.4 Mw on 29th…

TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate

HR Turkey Bornova Depot has been entitled to receive TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate.

Hamburger Containerboard’s new paper machine 2 (PM2) launches its first tambour

With the launch of the first tambour of new PM2 at Hamburger Containerboard’s location in Spremberg, Germany, a milestone in the project plan was…

Prize Pack 2020

Congratulations to the whole team of Dunapack Packaging Plovdiv!

Earthquake Resistant Buildings

Due to its geographical location, Turkey is a risky earthquake zone and has to consider corresponding measurements.

Occupational Health and Safety Training

In Turkey, employees have to participate in an occupational health and safety (OHS) training every two years. In the past years the company provided…

Coronavirus boosts packaging innovations. Can the age of smart boxes come?

As the packaging industry changes, Dunapack is always looking for the most efficient solutions. The challenges of recent months have brought…

15 year anniversary of Hamburger Recycling Group GmbH

15 years ago today, on October 20th 2005, Hamburger Recycling Group GmbH was founded under the name "W. Hamburger Trade GmbH" to collect Secondary Raw…

Schools and Students Compete in Collecting the Most Paper

We have stepped into the second school year touched by COVID-19 and those of you who have children are very well aware of the abnormality of the…